I have worked as a Graphic Designer then as a UI Designer from there finally I fall in love with UX Designing. I have designed projects from basic prototypes to complex web applications, that are been currently used by thousands of people. I have worked with huge team and also with smaller teams like 2 people where I lead the team. When I get involve in a project, I am the only one who will be in touch will all the members of the team, that makes me creative and I use to learn a lot from everyone.


My favorite is Photoshop - PS I ♥ YOU. I started using it while I was 15 years old, but for my professional work I started using it 7 years back. I love it a lot, like I cannot sleep without using it atleast once a day. Even if I have nothing do with it, I will atleast open it once in a day and play around with the tools.

" I don't design just screens, I design experience "

According to me UX design is not what you learn from book and execute, It is a creative matter that spontaneously comes from mind, that needs a large amount of experience.

My Realizations

Why would I like to join Toptal UX designers group?

" Gain access to a network of top industry experts. "

Content Image This is the sentence that grabbed my attention, to join Toptal. There are plenty of freelancers in the world and there are plenty of freelancing portals available, but what makes Toptal unique is about their beautiful strategy of hand picked 3% top elite talents.

So being a Toptaler is like having an Elite badge. What are you waiting for?

Content Image When it comes to freelancing, it is a crowded market where there are no standards, like when you join **work and then few notification pop-up and you bid for a job, it is plenty of freelancers who apply for the same job, sometimes it is the inexperienced person who grabs the job. But the concept behind Toptal is Win - Win situation.

This will be my network. Who doesn't want to join such a team to gain knowledge?


Most of you might think, is it worth spending time in Toptal, writing a blog and spending time to go through all skill tests. I believe the business model of Toptal is really innovative, obviously it is worth spending time, and writing a blog. Consider myself as an example, I will be writing few more blog posts regarding my skill test experience with Toptal.

These are the clients, that I will be working with. So obviously, I should be professional in communication, writing a blog like this will prove my talent.


1) I will be among the top 3% of the freelance talents all over the world.
2) I will be trusted by top companies for their most critical UX design projects.
3) I have got good experience in UX Designing.
4) I have got proven records of experience.
5) Toptal has a good reputution.
6) I will get continous jobs.

My Aim is to quit my job as early as possible and to get associated with Toptal full time. If you're a designer looking for long term work, I recommend that you do the same. Stay tuned, for my next blog!